Electro Magnetic Forces

Daily we are exposed to and bombarded by radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), both naturally and man made. The US EPA has already released reports linking EMFs to Leukemia and cancer in children. Electromagnetic fields have disordered proteins, which act like free radicals. These free radicals build up small electrical charges in the body that disrupt our normal mechanisms.

The human central nervous system operates on only thousandths of a volt, yet controls all organs and bodily functions. Nerve cells, or neurons, contain tiny bar magnets. Blood is an electrolyte and removes toxins by polarity. Blood leaves the lungs with a negative charge, and conducts them to the body's filters. The strong and multidirectional electromagnetic fields, emitted by various appliances, disrupt normal cell polarity, and blood functions. This can result in serious afflictions. This conclusion has been reached independently by several different studies including one done by the United States Navy.

Every day, we are surrounded by technology; computers, photocopiers, fax machines, televisions, clocks, radios, phones and hair dryers to name only a few items. EMFs are also generated by electricity moving through wires in your home/space as current. Appliances such as washers, stoves, microwave ovens and even electrical outlets can generate a magnetic field 200 times that of your body at a distance of up to 3 feet. As if that weren't bad enough, radio and television signals of every frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum constantly crisscross the planet.

Composite EMF image of the earth's atmosphere at 408 MHz (somewhere between TV channels 13 &14)

What can you do to lessen the effects of electromagnetic radiation, how can you protect yourself? Well, the best way is to reduce your exposure to EMFs, but this is not always a realistic solution. So what do you do about computers, cell phones, and fluorescent lights? Well, naturally occurring crystals, such as quartz, can help neutralize and deflect energy. A company called Biomagnetic Research Inc. uses and emulates the properties of these natural EMF attenuators in their wonderful products, which include catalyst beads, tabs, toroids and resonators. These products are fired in a special energy field. This field realigns molecules so that they absorb the energies that strike them, and pulse them out in a beneficial form. Dielectric resonators are not electrical conductors, but are the strongest known collectors of electromagnetic energies.

Most super-conductors are made from ceramic materials with rare earths added. When Corning Glass made the first fiber optics, and ran light through glass for communications purposes, it went only four feet. With the addition of one rare earth, the fiber conducted light 141.6 miles. The Japanese added one other ingredient, and now send light across the Pacific Ocean.

Crystal Catalyst‚ products are made of a unique Space Age ceramic. They alter the nature of most harmful energies before they strike the body, thus removing environmental stress, and allowing the body to resume normal function.

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