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A very good herbalist once said to me "herbs are food." In our herb1.gif (673 bytes)modern society of fast food, obtaining adequate nutrition can be a full time job. With the onset of over cooked and over processed foods, we are literally "cooking" all the viable nutrients out of our food. The land where our food is grown is being over utilized, over fertilized, and not being replenished with the minerals we need. And then, of course, there’s the water supply. Acid rain, runoff from pesticide applications and chemical spills, all add to the "chemical cocktail" that we drink. To purify our water chlorine and fluoride are added.

70% of the American diet is burgers, chips, fries, soda and chocolate.  The cost of taking care of the sickness this toxic diet is creating is around 1.7 trillion dollars a year.  Our society is quickly becoming a society of wheel chairs and people racing to the handicapped parking spaces.  Americans are sicker today then they've been in the history of the United States.

What’s a person to do? Its time to get back to basics.   Its time to restore America's health.  Be an informed, earth friendly, earth conscious being, as was our original program. Using high quality herbs and supplements and drinking clean water, is key to keeping your body and mind healthy. But, remember, your herbal program is only as good as the herbs you use.

I have studied extensively with Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis to become a Master
Herbalist - and I continue to take classes - to provide the most accurate and
helpful information possible. I have researched the best herbal supplement
companies (and now represent them) to ensure that my family and my clients
are getting the best nutrition possible. The companies I have listed below are
the cream of the crop, top of the line, nutritional supplement companies in
business today!

Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP)
For all natural, nutritional, high quality herbs and herbal
supplements - this company has everything from effective
weight loss products, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics to
aromatherapy & essential oils. A wide variety of products for designed
for men, women, children, and pets. 

This company specializes in Vitamin O
(stabilized oxygen supplement), top-quality
digestive enzymes, intestinal floras, and
herbal combinations based on body systems. 

Health Thru Nutrition (HTN)
Fantastic alkalinizing water! HTN's products are like no
other available on the market. Their uniqueness is
reflected in the results people receive when taking
them. Just talk to anyone who has seriously
experienced the benefits and they will have a powerful
testimonial on what the products have done for their health and well being
and for their family and friends. 

To start to determine how herbal and nutritional supplements can help you,
please try Nature's Sunshine's Lifestyle Analysis. This is an entertaining quiz that
can help you pinpoint the systems in your body that could use a nutritional boost.
Follow it through to place an order for helpful products, or just gather the
information to talk over with your health care professional.

Herbal & Nutritional Services and Resources

To help people learn more about herbs and nutrition, I teach classes and I am
available for private consultations using Herbal & Nutritional Supplements,
using traditional herbal products and/or Aromatherapy. Please feel free to
contact me for a consultation or even if you just have some questions.

I have special pages listing specific information about the best supplement
companies that I have found (Nature's Sunshine Products, R'Garden, Morinda,
& HTN) as well as the terrific financial opportunities they offer individuals. Please
check out these pages and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or
are interested in getting involved with any of these organizations.

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Notice: Any herbal or nutritional information is not intended to be a prescription or diagnosis of any kind. The intent is to offer information so that an individual can make their own decisions. Anyone that is sick should always seek medical attention from his or her health care practitioner. Neither author, publisher nor anyone associated with this information dispenses medical advice, directly, or indirectly, nor prescribes herbs and/or supplements as a treatment. Neither the author, publisher, nor anyone associated with this project assumes responsibility if you prescribe for yourself without your health care practitioner’s approval or knowledge.