Welcome to the Element of Harmony website. Our goal at Element of Harmony is to promote healthier living through the practices of Feng Shui and Herbal & Nutrition counseling & education, the use of crystals, mantras & meditation.  Many of lifeís little problems today seem to have no solution, we attribute them to too much work and not enough leisure time. A remote Caribbean  island may be a place of great therapeutic value, reducing fatigue and stress, but the truth is, you can reduce lifeís stresses and better manage your energy by properly placing things in your home and office space and by taking an active role in your health. Ask Yourself "Do I feel out of sync? Are there places in my space that just donít feel right?  Can my relationship or career benefit from an energy boost?" "Am I sick and tired of being sick and tired?" If youíve answered yes to any of these questions and would like to bring about positive change, the solution may be closer than you think.  Element of Harmony can help.



Never close the door of your mind to a new concept or a different pathway of knowledge. This can cause mental congestion, which is the opposite of the cosmic law of circulation, the law of motion, which exists everywhere, at all times, on all planes.  There is a cosmic law that nothing can deny its own nature; and in this life, no one can retain what does not belong to him by divine right of consciousness, nor can we be deprived of that which is truly ours by divine inheritance.  The great secret of life is to cooperate with nature.  If we could know and understand all of the divine, universal laws of nature, and could apply them to our daily lives, we could live long, vigorous lives, and when it comes our time to leave this plane of existence, we could transcend consciously.

Lady Sheba

To help people learn more about Feng Shui, herbs and nutrition, Element of Harmony conducts classes and seminars and provides private consultation.  For more information, contact us at info@elementofharmony.net