What's Wrong, Ask Your Body.

(The following excerpts were taken from an article written by Bard May, Ph.D, in Progress Magazine.)  

Many alternative practitioners are relying on muscle testing, or kinesiology, to help them assess patient complaints.  After all, what has more innate wisdom than the human bio-computer.  It is this wisdom that muscle testing can access.  

Developed by chiropractor George Goodhart about thirty years ago, muscle testing is based on the premise that under certain conditions, a muscle (usually the deltoid) will hold strong or go weak, when tested by someone else.  This seems to be not a function of strength, but of an unseen energy that is independent of conscious filters.  

Thousands of chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and nutritionists use muscle testing.  

Assume the following represents a hierarchy of human needs (or human nature)





Through muscle testing you can determine on what level the person primarily needs help.  Therefore, the kinesiologist who uses this model has at his/her fingertips a truly holistic technique.

 According to author Ann Meyer McKeever, there are five primary barriers at the spiritual level that muscle testing will reveal: spiritual attachments, negative thought forms, past lives, psychic bondage, and race mind consciousness (which means buying into society's dysfunctional belief system).

 A recent addition to barriers at the spiritual level (as termed by Carolyn Myss) is the sacred contract.  This refers to the possible agreements people make about their purpose for this lifetime.  You can use muscle testing to determine if this is an unresolved issue and, if so, to determine the nature of those agreements.  This can provide a great deal relief and release.

 Using muscle testing on the emotional level, you can find out what the past unresolved trauma is, how much there is, what to do with it, and even when its bee resolved.

 A client complained of ulcerative colitis, a painful condition of ulcers in the colon.  She knew she that this had an emotional component.  Indeed, muscle testing validated that this was related to the trauma she had suffered throughout her childhood from her overly critical mother.  (Interestingly enough, this emotional abuse happened most often at the dinner table.)  We resolved the trauma and she felt an improvement.  But her system indicated she required more on the physiological level.  I muscle tested certain reflexes on her body, which located energetic imbalances and signaled which nutritional and herbal supplements would help.

 Muscle testing is fast emerging as an excellent assessment procedure for the truly holistic practitioner.  Using this as a guide, often he or she is able to provide rapid relief and release.