Below you will find some useful and interesting links to other websites  
This is the website of Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis, two of the world’s for most authorities of Feng Shui.. Ralph and Lahni are also well known herbalists and Astrologers.  
This is the website of Elizabeth Severino. She is one of the world’s most gifted healers and animal communicators. She incorporates many disciplines, such as, Reiki, Transformational Breathwork, Prana, Huna, as well as, psychic communication, to facilitate the removal of all the emotional "stuff" that people hold on to.  
This is the website of one of the leading suppliers of Feng Shui tools. The Feng Shui warehouse is also responsible for the International Feng Shi Conference, as well as, the only Feng Shui magazine produced in the United States, Feng Shui Journal.

Natures Sunshine
One of the world’s leading companies in nutritional and herbal supplements.  
The home of the Holistic Health Association of the Princeton area.
Feng Shui Designs - An Online Catalog of Feng Shui enhancements as well as B.T.B. Feng Shui Training and certification in North America, Europe and China.
Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training in the USA.
The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals has been created to provide information, instruction and certification in the field of natural health practices. By attending a series of five Institute seminars you will learn the techniques necessary to promote balanced living and the prevention of disease
 Soulutions for Daily Living, Inc. provides exquisite items at affordable prices, designed to enhance our customers' well-being, personal growth, and spiritual reawakening. It is our vision to create an environment of reverence that will not only foster harmony and balance among our guests, but also establish a networking opportunity for the holistic community
Wisdom of the Heavens, Earth, Body, Mind and Soul is dedicated to building awareness within the general public through monthly explorations of the wide variety of holistic, metaphysical, spiritual, philosophical, health and healing perspectives, choices and alternatives available to the open mind.  
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