Mankind should consider that health
is the greatest of all blessings.

For the
                    of Health
                                Within Us

Just as a real garden requires good soil, fertilizer, water and sunshine to be healthy, so do our inner gardens require a wholesome supply of clean water, a balanced diet of nutritious foods, exercise and adequate rest.

R-Garden products exist to help us feed and revitalize our inner garden.  Despite all the advances we've made in science, medicine and technology, many of the foods we consume weaken our body rather than strengthen it.  This coupled with our fast-paced, high-stress lives and environmental pollution has created an epidemic of degenerative diseases and premature aging.

R-Garden's vision and mission is to provide innovative products that allow you to plant the seeds of optimal wellness and watch them grow into a wonderful new way of looking and feeling better.


Welcome to R-Garden Internationale

A Message from Our President and Founder

I would like to personally welcome you to R-Garden and tell you about our history and mission.

For over thirty years, my wife Helen and I have shared a mutual passion for better health for our families, our customers, and ourselves. We have always endeavored to eat as naturally as possible, rowing our own food and taking supplements to give us an extra boost or twenty years, we operated nine health food stores in the Pacific Northwest, seeking to stay on the forefront of the latest nutritional advances and sharing with others our vision of how to attain and maintain good health.

In 1990, we discovered a line of plant enzyme products that were then only available through doctors. As we began to take these enzyme supplements, our ability to digest and assimilate food was greatly enhanced. we immediately noticed profound improvements in our health. Although we had been eating the best foods and supplements for years, we lacked the proper enzymes to fully digest and assimilate the nutrients from our food.

We felt it was tragic that these wonderful products werenít readily available to the public. So, we created a company as a means to share these health-enhancing products with others. And, over the past ten years, the company has grown from a single product to a full range of excellent life-changing products. Our philosophy from the beginning has been to only offer products made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure our customers receive the maximum health benefits. Just as our products are unique, so is our name and the philosophy behind it. "R-Garden" means "Our" garden of health, purpose and prosperity; "our" path to a new and better life. The "R" stands for "Rejuvenating", "Restoring", and "Revitalizing" the garden which grows within us. Helen and I believe that the name R-Garden Intemationale wonderfully portrays the necessity "that we all have to take responsibility for our own health". We hope to inspire and encourage you to do the same for yourselves.

Our commitment to only offer products of highest quality and potency is what has helped us continue to grow. Our mission is to fill the need for better nutrition in an ailing world by providing tools for the health-conscious consumer to have the highest quality of life possible. All our study and -research suggest that if we give the body the right tools it can correct most imbalances caused by todayís poor nutrition, stress, and environmental pollution. Our promise to you is simple yet uncompromising: we will never put R-Gardenís label on a product unless it passes our high standards for health-building bioactivity.

I invite you to try our products and see what a difference they may make in your life. These products are for life. Your life.

Health and Wellness,
Don Smyth



Can You Change The Trend?

If you are like most people, either you or someone you know suffer from some type of health challenge. But why? Never before have we had more comfort in our lifestyle and such dramatic improvements m the medical field and yet cancer, chronic fatigue, heart disease, depression, obesity, and degenerative diseases seem to be accepted as part of our normal aging cycle. Over the last few decades, there has been a dramatic shift from wholesome farm-fresh foods to over-cooked, chemically preserved, enzyme deficient, nutritionally poor "convenience" foods. Convenience appears to be more important than health. As a result, the digestive process and the retrieval of life-giving nutrients from our foods has been severely compromised.


Searching For A Magic Pill?

Is there a magic pill that will transform your body into a super dynamo and solve all your health problems? If there is, we havenít found it. Nor do we believe that any single product can provide the complete solution to oneís quest for better health. What we have developed is a line of products that provide some very important building blocks for improving your health and vitality. These building blocks include digestive and therapeutic enzymes, probiotic bacterias, herbal blends, anti-oxidants, and several specialized formulations.


What Are Enzymes

Enzymes are complex molecules, vital catalysts that are needed for every chemical reaction in the body.  There are two major types of enzymes - metabolic and digestive.  Metabolic enzymes help build body structure.  Digestive enzymes work to breakdown large food molecules into smaller, readily absorbable building blocks the body requires. Naturally grown foods contain the enzymes necessary to break the food down to the essential nutrients the body needs. Nature provides enzymes in food to aid in the digestion process so that the body doesnít have to use its enzyme reserves to do all the work. But when we process, refine, overcook, or microwave our food, most if not all enzymes are rendered useless. At a temperature above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, all enzyme activity is destroyed. When we consume cooked or highly processed foods, our digestive system has to produce the enzymes necessary to digest what was eaten.


Our Digestive System

The purpose of our digestive tract is to extract and absorb the essential nutrients contained in our food. Consuming cooked foods can cause our body to take enzymes from the liver, pancreas, and other organs to use in the digestion process. Over time, this can cause these organs to be stressed which can weaken our immune system and slow down our metabolism.

When we consume enzyme-deficient food, the food sits in the upper portion of the stomach putrefying instead of being predigested (due to a lack of enzymes). The body reacts by increasing the white blood cell count as the immune system begins to treat the undigested food as a foreign substance. The body further stresses itself to produce extra digestive enzymes to digest this putrefying material, reducing its ability to produce metabolic enzymes for cellular activity. If stomach acids are not able to complete their work before the food moves into the small intestine, the food particles can enter the blood system undigested!

This putrefied material coats the small and large intestines, reducing the absorption of nutrients and hindering the expulsion of toxins through the intestinal wall. Bacteria and viruses feed and multiply, causing the body to become susceptible to infection, fatigue, and degenerative disease.