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Why talk about water Our bodies are 70% water and it's the ONLY fluid that, keeps are bodies hydrated, flushes out toxins and replaces the fluid surrounding our brain. Sounds like reason enough to me.

Can we make water better? Sure. Most people today are concerned about the water they drink, and should be. Our water supplies are more polluted today then ever before. How can we realistically flush toxins from our body when the very thing we are using to do so contains toxins? Many people are drinking bottled water. There are also concerns with bottled water, as well. There are many designations for water, based on the way they are filtered. I suggest reading an article from the January 2002 issue of Alternative Medicine entitled "How to Pick a Bottled Water," by Andrew Nelson. This article provides some interesting information.

So how do we make the water better? After purifying it, add some coral calcium. Coral calcium is a product I found from a company called Health Thru Nutrition. The following is taken from literature produce by Health Thru Nutrition. 

Countless Generations on the surrounding islands of Okinawa, Japan have known about the healing properties of Sango Coral. The ionic calcium derived from these ancient fossilized coral beds have healed people for centuries. But why? Universal Laboratories in Hampton, Virginia did independent studies on 1 gram of HTN's Alka-Line Coral Calcium added to 1 liters of distilled water. The pH went from an acidic 5.7 to an alkaline 10.8. The calcium in the water went from .12mg/l to 25.9g/1. (One would have to consume ten times that amount of elemental calcium to get the same amount of HTN's ionic coral calcium. Deadly Coliform bacteria (e coli) were added to the water, 1,600 CFU (colony forming units) per 100ml. The CFUs fell to just 33CFU/100ml. The lab was so astounded; they reran the test to make sure the coral really killed that much e Coli bacteria so quickly. Dr. Larry McDade of Norman, Oklahoma did redox testing on the coral. Redox measures the amount of plus or minus millivolts. The greater the negative number the greater the amount of electrons can be given as donors to free radical cells. This creates an antioxidant. HTN's coral tested at -360mV. When one drinks water treated with the Alka-Line Coral Calcium, body fluids are made alkaline and all foods and liquids are more easily absorbed because the calcium breaks down the surface tension of the liquid. Lastly, Dr. Kurt Grange conducted dark field microscope studies with human blood samples. In less than ten minutes, human blood cells have become oxygenated after the subject drank water treated with a 1 gram bag of HTN's coral."

Science has recognized, for a long tine, that the acid-alkaline balance in the body is critical to cellular health. After all, we live and die on a cellular level. Over 150 degenerative diseases are linked to acid conditions in the body, including Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Kidney Stones, Heart Disease. Disease lives in an acid environment. Everything we do in our life contributes to the change in our pH, our diets, and our stress levels, even our metabolic functions. Our lifestyles foster an over acid condition, which consequently sets us up for disease. But it gets better.

All water retains a memory in its electrical makeup, just as the body does. All water on earth, even distilled, is low in oxygen levels and it has stored memory of what it has been contaminated with over many centuries of time. Water after it leaves a purifier quickly grows viruses and bacteria when it reaches body temperature. The key is to change the properties of the water so it will take on free electrons enabling it to maintain high levels of oxygen. Just pumping oxygen into water is totally ineffective. Today's water is spreading disease at an alarming rate and its so well documented we don't even need a reference, i.e. chlorine doesn't even kill bacteria any more (Water News Dec. 1998). Our bodies are 70% water, our blood 90%. What do you think this recycled water is doing to us?

John Ellis, an engineer, inventor and patent holder, manufactures a revolutionary piece of equipment called the "Electron 4" Living Water Machine. Mr. Ellis explains that the water's memory can only be removed in one way, by expansion and contraction of the molecules at a higher rate than would normally be found in the environment. The "Electron4" has the ability to provide repeated expansion and contraction of the water molecules with a differential temperature of up to 80 degrees or more per minute. The water vapor created by the "Electron 4" boiler is then bombarded by a high intensity ozone light, developed for Mr. Ellis by Owens Corning, putting concentrated electrons and oxygen into the absolutely pure distilled water that the "Electron 4" produced.

Once the memory has been removed, small amounts of this concentrated electron water (about 2% of any total water volume) can maintain pure clean water for YEARS without any type of chemical treatment. You can refresh your body by putting 6oz of concentrated water into your bathtub water at least once a week. Growing plants and vegetables with electron water increase their size and production. When small amounts of concentrated electron water is added to tap water it continues to purify itself because the added highly energized electrons continue to multiply. Medical data shows these electrons kill viruses, pathogenic bacteria and parasites with astounding reports. Science and VIE 9/98 describe how doctors at Geneva University Hospital found that electrons (the same as found in the water produced by the "Electron 4") kill pathogenic bacteria.

The original oxygen levels on earth are registered to have been 38% (air trapped in fossilized amber has been found to have oxygen levels of 38%). Today, oxygen levels register at 8% (SciAmerica). Oxygen levels at 8% are too low and we are no longer get enough germ killing electrons from the oxygen we breathe. Water Treatment plants across the USA are adding up to 10 different chemicals to try and control multiplying bacteria before it reaches your home. This water has a memory, plus chemicals! Some cities are actually recycling sewage for drinking water purposes because of water shortages. What are you drinking?

Chemically treated tap water won't kill you right away, but slowly, will take a toll on our bodies. Our bodies are not made to handle all these chemicals and pollutants. Why not make an investment in better health by using electron water!

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(The above information was provided by Health Thru Nutrition)